Our goal is to provide you the highest level of service at a competitive price and develop a long-term relationship with you and your community. Our firm services approximately 5,000 homes and we manage our growth to maintain the quality of our product. Each year our industry faces new challenges as facilities mature, legislative requirements become more complex and costs continue to rise. Our goal is to provide the support needed to maintain, protect and enhance the value of your community. We base our services on four cornerstones:

(F)INANCIAL REPORTS - Designed to keep the Board fully informed on income and expenditures, fully auditable and reconciled each month against bank statements.

(L)EGAL COMPLIANCE - With a consistent and fairly applied collection practice, parliamentary procedures and operating decisions made within the framework of the Civil Code as it pertains to the governance of your association.

(O)WNER TRACKING - Each month a detailed report of outstanding compliance requests, corresponding owners; responses and a systematic hearing procedure for enforcement is provided.

(W)ORK REQUESTS - Each month a detailed report of the work that has been ordered on behalf of the association, including emergency repairs, bid requests and routine work is provided.

Internally, we refer to the above as FLOW. This is the basis of our commitment to your community. We take a great deal of pride in offering the above to each association we manage. Each of these cornerstones can be objectively reviewed and evaluated as we strive to insure the quality of our product. We know that these four cornerstones are the basis for managing an association.